Connor falling ‘Mission Successful’ Meme Template

Connor falling ‘Mission Successful’ video meme template is from popular video game Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human is a 2018 video game developed by Quantic Dream. It follows the stories of three androids: Connor, who helps police catch rogue androids known as deviants; Kara, a housemaid android who started to gain sentience and goes rogue to protect a young girl; and Markus, the leader of a revolution for android rights.

In the clip, the main character Connor jump off the building with an Android, successfully achieving his task. This is a very unique moment as he is appears to be falling off the building but it shows that he has accomplished his task.


The video has been used on social media on different memes to present a situation where someone appears to be failing but is actually achieving their goal.
Download the video clip below to use it in memes.



Download video template –


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